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We are very sorry to announce that WIMPS is cancelled for the rest of the season due to the role that close contact has in accelerating the pandemic.

Refunds will be given to everyone who paid for Spring sessions. Please be patient, as Carlos has to send each of you a refund in his spare time between work and kids and other Wimps league duties. 

What is Wimps?

Wimps is Yellowknife's adult recreational hockey league, open to men and women aged 19 and over. We welcome all skill levels. Goalies every game. No periods, no refs, no contact, no slap-shots!

Casual (drop-in) players: come early and sign up. If we're not full at 15 minutes before ice time, casuals will be invited to play on a first-come, first-served basis. Casual fee is $20. Governors will have a sign-up sheet at the arena approximately 1 hour before ice time.

Regular skaters: if you're running late, you can contact your governor prior to the cutoff in order to ensure you don't lose your spot. If you arrive after the cutoff, and 20 skaters have already been admitted, you will not be allowed to skate even though you're a regular.

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